Κωδικός: KCARC107MR

Κατασκευαστής: KENWOOD

Τιμή: 109.00€

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Marine wired remote controller with LCD display

Key Features

Wired remote controller
IP67: protection level of the unit against temporary immersion in water
Mono Color LCD Display with 2 Line Text
up to 3 wired remote units can be connnected to main unit KMR-700U
Installation bracket included

General Features

Power On/Off
Source select
Audio control
Search mode
Volume control
Display settings
Frequency/Band/Folder/Music select

General Specifications

Dimensions (WxHxD) 123 x 76 x 24mm
Weight 27gr
Dimensions Main Unit (WxHxD) 116 x 62 x 25mm
Weight Main Unit 17gr
Instruction Manuals ENG/FRE/GER/DUT/ITA/SPA/POR


Installation Sleeve Yes
Washer Ø 4, 2 pieces
Wing Nut 2 pieces
Installation brackets 2 pieces
Buttyl rubber Yes