Κωδικός: DEX-P99RS

Κατασκευαστής: PIONEER

Τιμή: 1092.00€

Διαθεσιμότητα: Εξαντλήθηκε/Κατόπιν παραγγελίας

Competition grade, superior sound.Our Reference Series components have a reputation for being the best high-end car entertainment system around. That's because it remains to be the system of choice for competitors on the high-quality sound circuit



Main Features


  • Tuner FM/AM Tuner (24 preset stations)

  • Plays • CDs and CD-R / CD-RW
    • MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC compressed audio files on CD and USB
    • Your iPod, iPhone or USB device via the rear USB
    • Other music devices via the front Aux-In

  • Front Panel Fully detachable, automatic slide

  • Button Illumination RGB Colour Customisation (210,000 Colours)

  • Rotary Commander (+)

    Rotary Commander You can control all functions with the Rotary Commander single dial.

    The Rotary Commander works like a joystick, giving you speedy control over the receiver.

    Turn it left or right , push it up or down, left or right, or press it to navigate joystick-style throughout different radio stations, access folders and files.

  • Remote Control Steering Wheel Remote Input

  • Cellular Telephone Auto Muting (+)

    This feature automatically reduces the volume of your system when an incoming call is detected or you dial an outgoing call on a cellular phone installed in your car.



  • Multi-Language Display (+)

    Multi-Language DisplayYou are able to select the display menu in the language of your choice

  • Display Illumination White OEL



  • Aux-in (+) Front Aux-in

    The Aux-in allows you to connect external music sources (with RCA outputs).

    This means that you can connect your MP3 player or PDA, for example.
  • Wired Remote Input (+)

    The Hard Wired Remote input allows you to connect the receiver directly to your car’s own steering wheel remote control.

    You can then control your receiver with the steering wheel remote control.

    An additional wiring adaptor is required specific to your model of car for this feature
  • High Voltage Output (+)5V

    By providing a strong signal, with less noise and more definition, the Hi-Volt pre-outs reduce demand on the input circuit of the amps so they can work with lower gain settings, resulting in improved sound quality and a wider dynamic range.
  • IP Bus (+)

    You can control multiple sources through the IP-Bus connection; you can literally transform your car into a mobile multimedia centre. Add a DVD player or TV Tuner, for example.

    Additionally, you can add several unique adapters that will enable you to enjoy your Bluetooth mobile phone, for example. Click the 'Accessories' tab above to see all your available options.
  • iPod Direct Control (+)

    Made for iPod CD Tuners with iPod Direct Control let you control your iPod directly from the CD tuner. An optional connection cable is available (see the 'Accessories' tab to find out which one).

  • RCA Preout (+)Gold plated, 4 (High, Mid, Low, Subwoofer)

    RCA pre-outs enable you to easily expand your sound system.

    You can significantly improve your in-car sound quality by connecting extra amplifiers to your headunit, for example.

    You could customize your sound system with separate amplifiers for the front speakers, the rear speakers and a subwoofer.

    The RCA pre-outs let you create the exact sound you want, with the focus on complete flexibility.
  • Sub-display Output (+)

    Sub Display Output The Sub-Display Output enables you to connect your receiver to your car's existing digital display.

    Basic tuner information (such as frequency and track numbers) is output through the IP-bus connection via an optional interface.

  • USB Input Rear, Digital Direct USB



  • Bluetooth Ready (+) , via optional CD-BTB200 Bluetooth adapter

    Bluetooth Bluetooth is an industrial specification that provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices such as mobile phones, PCs, printers, digital music devices and game consoles over a secure, globally unlicensed short-range radio frequency.

    Bluetooth offers you the convenience of true wireless in car communication, without having to hook up your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to any other hands-free kit, headgear or earpiece.

    All the models in our Bluetooth range include a microphone.

iPod Compatibility


  • iPod Ready , via optional cable CD-IU50

  • Works with iPhone

  • Compatible Generations September 2005 onwards

  • Supported Functions • Music playback
    • Battery charging
    • List browsing

Tuner Features


  • Radio Data System (RDS) (+)

    Radio Data System (RDS) is a system for providing information along with FM broadcasts.

    This inaudible information provides such features as program service name, program type, traffic announcement standby, automatic tuning and program type tuning, and is intended to aid you in finding and tuning in to a desired station.


    • RDS service may not be provided by all stations.
    • RDS functions like AF (alternative frequencies search) and TA (traffic announcement standby) are only available when your radio is tuned in to an RDS station.

  • Traffic Announcement (+)

    The Traffic Announcement (TA) feature lets you receive traffic announcements automatically, no matter what source you are listening to.

    For example, if you are listening to an mp3, and a live traffic announcement is being broadcast on a particular radio station, TA will automatically detect the announcement, mute your mp3 and broadcast the announcement as it is being made.
  • Best Stations Memory (BSM) (+)

    Best Stations Memory scans and memorises the six strongest, clearest stations available on each band.
  • Auto Alternative Frequency Search (+)

    Auto Alternative Frequency Search occurs when the tuner cannot get a good reception, and automatically searches for a different radio station in the same network.
  • Auto/Manual Frequency Search (+)

    Auto / Manual Frequency Search enables you to search for broadcast stations manually or automatically.

    The tuner will scan the frequencies until a broadcast strong enough for good reception is found.
  • PTY Search (+)

    A PTY search is performed by program type as indicated in the PTY list (the program types are: News&Inf, Popular, Classics, Others). PTY also provides automatic tuning to emergency broadcasts (PTY alarm).

CD Player Features


  • CD Text (+)

    Use the CD Text feature to view text information from a music CD.

    By pushing the display key, you can scroll between disc titles, track titles and artist name.
  • USB Text

  • Disc Title Memory (+)

    Disc Title Memory Disc Title Memory enables you to programme a 10-digit descriptive title to be displayed when a particular CD is selected.
  • Last Position Memory (+)

    Last Position Memory automatically resumes CD play from the last point if there is interruption to CD play.
  • Random Play



  • Audio Components (+) • Built-in 4-channel DSP
    • Copper chassis
    • OFC power supply


    Acoustic Components


    Only the highest quality components have been selected for this system, specially selected through listening trials.

    A 70µm thin copper film substrate – twice as thick as the conventional one – results in lower impedance and larger current capacity for all circuit blocks and the CD mechanism.

    The custom condenser also ensures larger capacity, as well as a higher sound quality.

    A high-purity Oxygen-Free Copper power cable and a highly efficient and temperature-stable amorphous chocking coil accomplish a full sound quality.

  • Advanced Sound Retriever (+)

    ASR stands for Advanced Sound Retriever.
    Our ASR sound technology automatically restores the harmonics which were lost during the audio compression process.
    ASR adjusts frequency response and sound pressure, especially in the high and low frequency ranges, to revitalise the density and presence of the compressed signal.
    The result is an improved sound quality with its staging, density and feeling restored to the level of the original recording.
  • Attenuator (+)

    When you press the Attenuator (the ATT button), it immediately lowers the volume by around 90%. Press once more to return to the original volume level.
  • Auto EQ (+)

    Let your system take care of your sound. Our new Auto EQ feature monitors and analyses the acoustics inside of your car and uses the measurements to automatically adjust your audio equalisation levels.

    Using a 3-band parametric equaliser Auto EQ adjusts the front and rear speakers separately. The result is audio perfectly suited to your in-car environment. (Please note: an optional microphone is required.)

  • Auto Time Alignment (+)

    The auto time alignment is automatically adjusted for the distance between each speaker and the listening position.

    Auto time alignment adjusts the speaker sound output timing within your car for each speaker in steps of 2.5cm, so the sound form each speaker will reach your (the driver’s) ears at the same time.

    Auto time alignment automatically estimates the delay from each speaker to the listening position and adjusts the time alignment accordingly.
  • Balance

  • D/A Converter Digital direct

  • Display Off Mode (+)

    For those who demand absolute audio perfection, this mode is available to eliminate even the slightest noise that could be created by the OEL displays power conversion circuits.

    In this way, the audio signal remains pure and unaffected by noise and unprecedented low distortion is realised.
  • Graphic Equaliser 31-band Graphic Equaliser

  • High Pass Filter (+)

    When the subwoofer is connected and you do not want low sound to play from the front or rear speakers, turn the high pass filter on. Only fre-quencies higher than those in the selected range will be output from the front or rear speakers.
  • Low Pass Filter (+)

    When you activate the Low Pass Filter, only those frequencies below a specified frequency are output through a specified speaker.
  • Loudness (+)

    At low volume levels, ambient noise levels in your car can overpower low and high frequency sounds in music.

    Loudness control proves a one-button way to boost these frequencies and provide a better overall sound at low level volumes.
  • Source Level Adjuster (SLA) (+)