Κωδικός: GM-D1004

Κατασκευαστής: PIONEER

Τιμή: 180.00€

Διαθεσιμότητα: Παράδοση σε 1-4 μέρες

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ct 4-channel power.

An amplifier shouldn’t take up too much space, especially in your car. That is why this Class-D amp might just be what you are looking for.

The GM-D1004 is a compact amplifier that can easily be installed behind the dashboard of your car – cables are included! Power can be taken from the console panel thanks to its protection control system, which suppresses excess current during large output. Additionally, it prevents extreme overheating of parts and maintains stable operations.


4-channel amp

This amplifier has a large capacity power capacitor that provides steady power and clear and powerful sound, even at loud volumes. It offers no less than 100 Watts x 4 channels in a compact design.

Input sensor

The GM-D1004 automatically detects input signals, and selects an input signal mode between the RCA level and the speaker level. Also, when this amp is connected to a car receiver without RCA inputs using a speaker wire, it turns on simultaneously.

Total vibration control

There are grooves on the bottom of the amplifier’s chassis, which suppress unwanted vibrations caused by driving. Thanks to this total vibration control – or TVC concept – you can also enjoy high-definition audio in your car.




Main Features

  • Maximum Output Power4 x 100 W (4Ω) 
    4 x 100 W (2Ω)
    2 x 200 W (4Ω bridge)

  • CEA 2006 Power (THD + N = 1%)4 x 45 W (20 kHz - 20 kHz / 4Ω)
    2 x 90 W (1 kHz / 4Ω bridge)
    4 x 45 W (1 kHz / 2Ω)
    74 dBA (ref: 1 W into 4Ω)

  • Frequency response10 - 40000  Hz

  • Distortion< 0.05  %

  • S/N ratio> 90 dB

  • LPF80 Hz (-12 dB/oct)

  • HPF80 Hz (-12 dB/oct)

  • RCA terminals

  • Speaker TerminalsISO-type

  • Speaker line input sensorTurn-on sensor

  • Max. current consumption (A/4Ω)15 A

  • Chassis size (W x H x D)181 x 38 x 64 mm

  • Unit weight0.55 kg